RaveOrBash is about...

RaveOrBash it!

Reviews You Can Trust

No longer have fake reviews inform your buying decisions

Consumers Helping Consumers

To make better/informed buying decisions they can truly rely on...

Validated Check-ins / Reviews

Mayors can no longer fake their way to the title and the rewards attached. Validated check-ins/reviews gets you rewards.

Businesses / Brands

Businesses/Brands can now have a targeted platform to reach their 'real' clients, patrons and audiences.

Shared Experience

A fun/social way to enjoy/share your favourite places and brands with your friends and other consumers.


RaveOrBash is a social platform coming soon for all consumers to find and share their experiences with local and non-local businesses in a meaningful way that helps!

Raveorbash is a better way to connect consumers around the places, things and brands they love. Want to know more? Register now!

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