Abuz of the betting league through state services, a detailed guide.

  • Consumables for the maximum (in the process we will analyze options for reducing costs) Sim card – 50 rubles physical (need 2 pcs)
  • IPV 4, RF, for a week
  • State services – 100 rubles (need 10 pcs)
  • Instruction manual

Step one.

Register an email, we usually send it to rambler.ru because he does not send SMS, you can also register for a drop mail (an email often does not come to the purchased mail, you can quickly register yourself).
Step Two

We go to the acc of state services through incognito, check the acc for validity, so that it can be driven into the league. To check, after entering, click my personal data and see that it has been confirmed (3 steps have been completed). If he writes that there is no INN, we ask him to replace some other error. Also, we ask you to replace if the account is already registered in tsupis, the example in the screenshot below, the yellow tick that it is already in the system.

Then there are three methods of work.

1) If you have a 2-a laptop or a computer, then we download it for each Forks and register here, set up a proxy, reset the browser in the forks, regay the betting league from each. Before registering, go to and see that your proxy is not in the blacklist, if it is there for you sooner

After we confirm the SMS and click log in through the state services, enter the username and password, catch the 404 error, close the window, click log in again, it gives the data, click confirm, catch 404, then update the page and see that you are logged in. We open table tennis, games, put TM from one computer, TB from another on one outcome (18.5 for example) under cof 1.85, we are waiting for them to play, regaining kiwi, depressing by 100, output, no need to scroll.
P.S. 1-n kiwi, 1-n drop!!!
Do not replenish a bunch of drops from one kiwi, they will be banned!!!

We make a reset, repeat.

P.S.S. You can also work from one computer, but put a prematch. 2nd Option. Work through the tor, we put a prematch, proxies disappear from consumables, you can put three sources, but you need to catch the Russian VPN otherwise the chance to catch such a joke increases

3rd option, work through the browser

Linkin sphere, paid software, demo version 30 bucks a week, paid 100 bucks a month. Pros – you can work from two tabs and not fuck the brain, at first download the crack version to make it easier to work, you need to put a proxy. Everything is done the same as in other places, working in two tabs as in 2 different browsers. https://ls.tenebris.cc/

CHIPS. SMS to drop for 17 rubles.

We are regressing here, purely to Yandex mail, otherwise confirmation will not come. We choose 2 rubles for receiving SMS from “Not on the list”, we catch SMS from the league and tsupis on it. When withdrawing, we buy a kiwi purse for 15 rubles, make a dep and withdraw from it and other services

You can buy proxies in bundles for a day, three days and work through them, then the proxy will cost less than 10 rubles. Tele 2 In the personal account of tele 2, you can make a change of the physical SIM card number for 2.5 rubles (possibly confused, I’ll check.) To untie the tsupis. In tsupis, make a number change to a virtual SIM for 2 rubles, then the usual SIM card can be run again