BC References

This is a special software that allows you to fill out ready-made forms of certificates of income and expenses of civil servants. Since manually compiling this documentation will take a lot of time and effort, and you need to submit certificates annually, a universal utility has been created. At the end of the review, you will be able to download the BC 2021 Help program from the official website. And before that, we suggest reading useful information about the software.


Let’s consider the main features of the application, for which users install this software. The functionality is presented in this list:

  • creating certificates for yourself, employees;
  • combining documents into help packages;
  • automatic verification of the correctness of the filling;
  • highlighting incorrectly filled fields;
  • preview and send the document for printing.

BC References

They are an indispensable tool developed by a government agency. It is necessary to use only the current version of the software, since adjustments are periodically made to the rules for compiling references.


Advantages and disadvantages
Let’s highlight the main pros and cons of the program. With their help, you will be able to understand how good this software is. First, let’s list the pros:

  • fully Russian;
  • help for each item;
  • ability to print directly from the program;
  • dividing the help into thematic blocks;
  • automatic save function.
  • And now consider the disadvantages of the program:

there are very few additional settings for the appearance of the application;
you cannot fill in sections out of order;
sometimes synchronization with the printer does not work well.

How to use

Let’s analyze the general algorithm of using the program to create and edit help. After the first launch, you need to do the following:

  • Open the main menu and create
  • “A certificate for yourself.”

Then fill in the information about the person (personal data, place of work, service, passport data, etc.).
Go to filling in the sections. If you correctly enter all the data in one tab, you will have access to the following help sections.

Attach applications if necessary.

Now you should check the correctness of the data entry. If necessary, use the preview function. Save the document. If you need to prepare several references, then combine them into a package. Using the menu on the left, you can manage the package structure.
After preparing the documentation, you have two options — download the file or print it immediately through the

Help of the BC.

To use the second option, go to the “File” menu and click on “Select printer”. Then specify your device for printing, set the quality settings and wait for the procedure to finish. If the printer is configured correctly, you will not have any difficulties.


Finally, let’s say that the BC Help program is completely free. See for yourself – download the utility from the link below!