Instructions on how to fill out the income statement

Special software “Help BK” is designed to fill out certificates of income, expenses, property and property obligations.

To get started, you need to download the “BC Help” to your computer’s hard drive and run the copied file for installation. After that, a shortcut of the program “PDF” will be placed on the desktop.
References BK 2.4″

To launch the program, select the program shortcut on the desktop with the name “Help BC SPO” and double-click on it with the left mouse button (Figure 1). When you start the program, a start window appears that allows you to create a new or download an existing package of documents.

If you want to open a previously created document package, click the “Open Document package” button and select the required file in the file opening window that appears, or specify the required package in the list of recent packages located at the bottom of the start window.
When you try to open a package of documents created in the previous version of the PDF “Help BK”, a warning will appear. If you want to continue editing this package, click OK.

To create a new set of documents, click

The corresponding button in the start window or select the menu item “File->Create->Help for yourself”. After filling in the applicant’s data, if necessary, you can create a certificate for a spouse and / or a certificate for minor children. To do this, select the menu item “File->Create->Spouse reference” or

“File->Create-help for a minor child (son)/(daughter)”, respectively, or select similar functions on the “Package Structure” panel located on the left side of the screen.
Pensioners will be given the 13th pension in December: urgently read More An additional way to create a certificate for a family member is to use the “Create a certificate for a relative” button in the “Application” section.

To display the panel

“Package structure” select the menu item “View->Show the package structure”. To delete the help for a family member from a package of documents, hover the mouse pointer over the corresponding tab on the Package Structure panel, right-click the context menu, left-click the Delete item and confirm your decision in the dialog box that appears.
When entering a new help, you must first fill in all the fields on the “Information about the person providing the information” page. After entering all the information on this page, the remaining sections will be available for filling. In case of detection of SPO

“BC Help” errors when filling in the field of the on-screen form, such a field is highlighted with a red frame. When you move the mouse pointer to the red frame, a hint appears with a description of the error. If incorrect information is entered in the date input field (for example, not in the format, where dd is the day of the month, mm is the ordinal number of the month. yyyy – year), then the field will be cleared and a date entry error message will be displayed.

To enter/edit income information in Section 1

“Income information” in the first five rows of the table, double-click the required cell with the numbers displayed in blue (the numbers 0.00 were initially set), specify the appropriate amount and press Enter or use the mouse to navigate to another cell in the table.

The information of the “Other income” line is entered using special forms displayed after clicking the “+Add” button with the left mouse button. You can edit the previously entered data in the rows of tables by left-clicking the handle icon located in one of the cells of the row to be edited. You can delete a table row by clicking the left mouse button on the cross located to the left of the table row to be deleted.

Similarly, you can enter/edit data in other help sections. If the “question” icon is displayed next to the field for entering information or any inscription on the on-screen form, then a contextual hint is available for such fields or inscriptions. The hint can be viewed by clicking the left mouse button on the specified icon. In tables for filling in data, it is possible to change the width of columns by hovering the mouse pointer over the corresponding border in the table header and moving it to the required distance.

At the next session of working with the table, information about the width of columns set by the user is saved. For the convenience of data representation, fields with classifiers are widely used in the program. In the right part of such fields there is an icon on the left, when clicked, a list of values for entering into the field appears. If there is no desired value in the classifier, select “Other” from the drop-down list and enter the required data. If the item “Other” is not in the list, then the field does not allow entering values that are not in the classifier.
The button provides the ability to enter information on an additionally called special form.

It should be noted that if it is necessary to enter the name of a locality or street, the program provides the ability to use information from the directory by auto-substitution. If the necessary information is missing in the directory, it is possible to enter the data in the appropriate field manually. Features of using the address directory in the PDF

“Help BK”:

There is no information about house numbers in the directory (input is done manually). If there are houses with different postal codes on the street, the program will not display information about the index (input is done manually).

For a number of localities, their territorial affiliation to the district may not correspond to the administrative division. In such a situation, you should be guided by the available documents and enter information manually. For the convenience of copying addresses in the help, when you enter them in any section, you can use the “Add address from previously entered” button.

At the same time, a list of addresses entered in the current help package will appear on the screen. In Section 2, when entering information in the “Source of funds” or “Other persons” fields, after clicking on the “…” button in a special form, it is necessary to generate the required number of records using the “+Add” button and selecting the appropriate menu item. At the same time, you may need to fill in the required fields on the right side of the form. In some cases, to fill in these fields, you need to click on the “…” button, after which a special form for entering and editing data will be displayed.

X When filling out Section 4 “Account information…”,

It is possible to use the operation “Create an account in the same bank”. To do this, select one of the accounts using the mouse pointer, open the context menu with its right button and select “Create an account in the same bank” in the context menu. How to print the help from the program To preview and print the help, click on the button. If all required fields were not filled in when filling out, a message will be displayed before printing the form.

When preparing certificates for printing, the program searches in the directory of addresses entered in the certificates. If it is not possible to match the address in the help with the address from the directory, a message is displayed before printing. If you select the answer “Yes”, a list of addresses for which no match was found in the address directory will be displayed. Sometimes, to correct addresses, it is enough to select a street, or change its spelling by removing abbreviations.

In addition, once per session, when printing, a warning is displayed about the need to check the printer connection. A laser printer that provides high-quality printing should be used to print certificates. Printing defects in the form of stripes, spots (with defects in the drum or printer cartridge) are not allowed. The signature on the certificate can be placed in the lower right corner of all pages except the last one. On the last page, the signature is placed in a specially designated place. Signatures and marks on linear and two-dimensional barcodes are not allowed.

Handwritten edits are not allowed.

Attention. Sheets of one reference should not be changed or inserted into other references, even if they contain identical information. It is also not recommended to replace the help sheets with sheets printed at a different time. To print all the package references, there is a button that allows you to print all the package references without previewing. If the accuracy and completeness of the data is not confirmed at the end of the “Appendices” section located after section 7, then the printing of one or all certificates will be blocked.

How do I save the help?

The help is saved by clicking the left mouse button on the image of the floppy disk in the upper left corner of the screen or by selecting the appropriate item in the “File” menu. When working with the program, autosave occurs once a minute. Be careful not to save packages for different reporting periods under the same name, so you can lose data for previous reporting periods. To create a new help package based on the data for the previous reporting period, open the package for the previous reporting period and immediately use the menu item “File->Save as”, specifying a file name other than the file name of the downloaded package.

When you first start the program, you need to select the “Create a new set of documents” function on the main screen. The package of documents means a certificate for the applicant and his family members. All information of the help is filled in on the forms of the SPO “BC Help”, identical in name to the sections of the help. In the forms, the fields are filled in with respect to the applicant, and then, if necessary, with respect to the spouse and/or minor children.